Sanggar Garis Pagi – Bekasi

Sanggar Garis Pagi being a part of programs PRP program in implemented to our children education, for those kids whom cannot achieves a regular school, which fully concentrate to a poor kids near among us.

These running activities works in Bekasi at Komplek Tytyan Indah, were reported by Lydia to have those kids joining the program, and some of them are very enthusiastic to get involved with the learning activity, but for some other they ‘ll need kind approach from us to get them courage increasing their own confident to learn.

These schooling are held in an Open – Nature Area, with a non-formal delivery concepts more preceding in a fun way of communication through arts and culture, and tell stories, some creations that can stimulate the children to be creative and innovative in thinking, in their own daily life.

Sanggar Garis Pagi have been running since March 2010, and until now, who has been attended by about 50 children with ages (average for elementary schools) ranging from 5 to 11 years old. Some of them are comes from the orphans kids, or poor under “difficult circumstances” such as kids labor, and others comes from runaway and streets, drop-outs and on school going but from disadvantaged families in funding their kids to have a proper education.

And until now, this program can only be running for a session in time a week, beside that we have only a small places for a facility, and so far it is so difficult to get the additional stuff for the equipments. That we need support for this program’s roles in regularly way we wish it to be. It is pretty much far from enough to perform these in place or inadequate learning media, and as well with the limitations during the operations with self-funding still far from sufficient to kept this program On.

High possibilities that numbers of participants from children in this activities will continually increase, indicating from social economic inequality continues being the subject matter with us, especially in places where we work out on programs run, according in function and goals as our implementation among peoples community.

Another obstacle that may be a barrier for implementing during this program are; some of them (the Kids) must works to help their parents to earn their living what’s needed for their livelihood, so ironic indeed to see that the fact of we face in people’s lives in this Country.

For any kind of supports & assistances, that can be highly performance to optimize these education programs from the Sanggar Garis Pagi or others Program of PADEPOKAN RUMAH PANGGUNG, we open our self – for Fund or Donation to help out these Kids.

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Sekolah Alam; Sanggar Garis Pagi (PRP/Bekasi)

SANGGAR GARIS PAGI adalah bagian dari implementasi program kerja PRP akan kepeduliannya terhadap pendidikan bagi mereka anak-anak Indonesia yang kurang beruntung. Sebagian dari mereka berminat dengan sendirinya untuk ikut serta dalam kegiatan, dan sebagian lainnya atas ajakan berupa pendekatan psikologi anak, agar mereka tertarik untuk ikut serta dalam program kegiatan belajar non formal ini.

Kegiatan SANGGAR GARIS PAGI telah berjalan selama 9 bulan sejak Maret 2010, yang hingga saat ini diikuti oleh sekitar 50 orang anak. Mereka adalah anak- anak putus sekolah yang berasal dari keluarga kurang mampu, anak-anak yatim dan anak jalanan dengan usia berkisar antara 5 s/d 11 tahun.

Program Kegiatan ini masih membutuhkan segala bentuk dukungan, baik berupa apapun untuk keberlangsungannya.

d’CONCERTO Jazz-Opera Wayang of ITB’75

MAHABHARATA – Bharatayudha’s War in Fashion Opera

RAMAYANA in MINANG version Cinto nan Sabananyo

PADEPOKAN RUMAH PANGGUNG works as TEAM with AircKa Production to prepare the events technical operations of d’CONCERTO Jazz-Opera Wayang from ITB’75 and PERWAKU.

To develop education in Arts & Culture for Environmental Programs in Indonesia.

The Chairman of this Committee from The ALUMNI ITB’75 the very owner of this events, Mr. Teguh P. Slamet and Mr. Andries Feisal as Show Director of d’CONCERTO Jazz-Opera Wayang, and Ir.Yennel S. Suzia, MSi. as the PERWAKU CEO’s ; their had successfully lead their works into a collaboration within One-A-Production and  the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah on October 29/2010 in Gedung Sasono Langen Budoyo – TMII, Jakarta.


PADEPOKAN RUMAH PANGGUNG bekerjasama dengan AircKa Production dalam persiapan dan pelaksanaan acara d’CONCERTO Jazz-Opera Wayang persembahan dari Alumni ITB’75 dan PERWAKU.

Untuk pengembangan pendidikan seni – kebudayaan dan lingkungan hidup di Indonesia.

Menampilkan : Rieka Roslan, Emil Dardak, Sherina Munaf, Andi Rif dan One-A Dancers beserta Ballet Sumber Cipta Dancers, juga para Alumni ITB’75.

Sutradara & ide : Andries Feisal

Hosted by : Inggrid Widjanarko

This photograph are courtesy from Mr. Zaenal Arifin – ITB’75


Padepokan Rumah Panggung works as Non Profits Organization – focus on Education of Culture through the Arts of Tradition Development Programs.

Culture & Education Campaign through the event programs – such as Arts performances are necessary indeed, beside that easy to attract the attention from many people, arts also can be use full for the incitement of intellectuals.